G33 Subcompact | .357


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The G33-Subcompact: .357 is a powerful little gun with a lot of punch. The G33 subcompact has an external hammer, making it easy to use and safe for new shooters. If you’re looking for more power than the G26 but don’t want the bulk of the G17 then this might be your perfect firearm!



GLOCK 33 is the newest addition to GLOCK’s line of pistols. GLOCK has been manufacturing some of the most durable and dependable firearms on the market for more than 30 years, and they have designed a pistol that is perfect for concealed carry. The Glock33 is small enough to fit in your pocket but still packs a punch with its 9mm Luger round.

The G33 comes equipped with three safety features as well: an ambidextrous safety lever, no trigger pull required manual safety, and GLOCK’s patented firing pin block system which prevents you from pulling the trigger if there isn’t a round chambered by blocking it from moving forward unless you are pulling it back.

Glock 33 Round Magazine

What is the Glock 33 round magazine? Glock 33 round magazines are the most common type of Glock pistol magazine. They come in both 17 and 33 rounds, with a high capacity for ammunition. Glocks use what is called the “double stack” design which gives you an extended grip area to hold on to that can also fit more bullets!


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