G33 Gen4 Subcompact | .357


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G33 Gen4 Subcompact | .357 is the newest pistol in Glock’s G-Series. It features a newly designed, easy to grip frame with interchangeable backstrap inserts and ambidextrous slide stop levers. The G33 Gen4 Subcompact has an overall length of 6 inches, the height of 4.6 inches, and width of 1 inch.


Glock 33 Gen 4

The Glock 33 Gen 4 is Glock’s latest offering in the Glock line of pistols. Released in 2014, it was designed for law enforcement use but can now be purchased by civilians as well. Glock has a long history of producing reliable firearms and the Glock 33 Gen 4 is no exception. It features an extended barrel length, full-sized frame, and a 10 round magazine capacity – all features that make this pistol popular with law enforcement agencies around the country.


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