G32 Compact | .357


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The G32 Compact is a rugged and accurate semi-automatic handgun. The G32 has the same dimensions as its G17 counterpart, but with a 3 inch barrel. This compact version of the G27 is designed to be easily concealed for self-defense while providing accuracy beyond what most pistols can offer.



The GLOCK 32 is a GLOCK pistol that was introduced at the GLOCK Annual Meeting in 2006. It’s GLOCK’s first double-action, striker-fired pistol with a safety/decocking lever and no trigger pull weight adjustment available. The GLOCK 32 has an extended barrel and slide assembly which accommodates higher capacity magazines than most other GLOCK pistols. This Glock pistol features a polymer frame with interchangeable backstraps to fit any hand size, larger magazine release buttons for easy operation when wearing gloves, a new recoil spring assembly designed to reduce felt recoil by 25%, reversible magazine catch (left or right-handed), and ambidextrous slide stop levers.


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