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The G31 Gen4 Standard is a .357 caliber pistol. It has 5 rounds in the magazine and weighs 1 pound, 12 ounces. The G31 is one of the first pistols to be approved for use with an external sound suppressor by HK engineers. As such, it has been used as a “stealth” pistol by military units around the world (including special forces) since its introduction in 1999.


Glock 31 gen 4

The Glock 31 gen 4 is Glock’s most popular .357 SIG pistol. Glock pistols are known for their reliability, and the Glock 31 gen4 does not disappoint. The Glock 31 gen4 has a 3.5-inch barrel with an overall length of 7 inches, making it easy to conceal in your waistband or on your ankle.

It has a polymer frame that makes it lighter than other pistols and reduces the risk of corrosion from sweat and moisture when carried inside the waistband during hot weather conditions. The Glock 31 gen 4 also features a powerful 10 round magazine capacity; a single action trigger with no external safety; and lastly, fixed sights that make it easier to shoot under low light conditions such as at night or in dim-lit environments.

G31 Gen4 Standard | .357 is a popular choice for those looking to buy a G-Series. These guns are known for being reliable and accurate, so if you’re in the market for one, here’s what you should know:

* The G31 Gen4 Standard | .357 is available as either a standard or compact size. * This gun has an ambidextrous magazine release button that can be adjusted to suit your needs. * It comes with three interchangeable backstraps – small, medium, and large – that will suit different hand sizes.


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