G23 Cut Compact | .40 S&W


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GLOCK cutaway models are produced for technical and firearms training and clearly illustrate the ingeniously simple internal mechanisms of the GLOCK pistol.


Glock 23 Cutaway

What is the GLOCK 23 Cutaway Gun? It’s a GLOCK pistol that has been cut away to reveal its inner workings. This project was created by GLOCK and gunsmiths William Beaty and Mike Pappas for instructional purposes only, but it can also be used as an educational tool in schools. The GLOCK 23 Cutaway offers students, teachers, law enforcement professionals, and military personnel a closer look at what makes GLOCK pistols so reliable with cutting-edge safety features.

GLOCK designs all of their firearms to meet or exceed rigorous testing standards like NATO’s Military Standard (MIL-STD) 116:1 – “Small Arms Protective Equipment” tests which are often more stringent than those required by law. GLOCK pistols are designed to be “drop safe” – meaning that the firearm will not fire when it is dropped. GLOCK’s unique firing pin block system has two levels of protection, which drop safety and prevent accidental discharge as a result of contact with clothing or holsters while being carried. GLOCK uses an internal locking device for its firearms.


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