G22 Gen5 Standard | .40 S&W


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The G22 Gen5 Standard is a semi-automatic pistol with a 10+1 capacity that’s designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, military and shooting enthusiasts. The G22 Gen5 Standard .40 S&W features an integrated accessory rail for mounting lights or lasers, large grip frame and external extractor.


Glock 22 Gen 5

The Glock 22 gen 5 is a pistol that comes with a lot of features. It has an ambidextrous slide release, interchangeable backstraps, and it also has the ability to change out the magazine release button. This Glock was designed for law enforcement use but is also available in many different calibers such as .40 S&W and 9mm Luger.

This gun is safe because it can be fired with one hand by using the palm of your hand on either side of the frame or through pressing down on both sides simultaneously if you have big hands. When trying to fire this Glock 22 gen5, there are three ways that will work: pulling the trigger with your index finger, squeezing both.

Glock 22 Gen 5 Specs

1 Length (Overall)** 202 mm | 7.95 inch
2 Slide Length 186 mm | 7.32 inch
3 Width (Overall) 34 mm | 1.34 inch
4 Slide Width 27.5 mm | 1.08 inch
5 Height incl.Mag. 140 mm | 5.51 inch
6 Line of Sight (Polymer) 164 mm | 6.46 inch
Line of Sight (Steel) 163 mm | 6.42 inch
Line of Sight (GNS) 162 mm | 6.38 inch
7 Trigger Distance** 70 mm | 2.76 inch


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