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Glock 40 Basics

The latest Glock 40 is known formally as the Glock 40 Gen4. It is chambered for 10mm and has a 6-inch barrel for improved velocity, with a magazine that holds 15 rounds. It was designed with outdoorsmen and sport shooters in mind. It has proven to have the stopping power to take down whitetail deer, boar, and even feral hogs. The gun is 9.49 inches from end to end, 8.19 inches between the sights. It is 5.47 inches tall. The barrel is 1.28 inches wide. The Glock 40 weighs 28.15 ounces unloaded. With a fully loaded clip, it weighs in at 40.14 ounces. When firing, the trigger travels .49 inches and requires about 5.5 pounds of pressure. The barrel has a 9.84-inch twist that is right-handed and hexagonal.

Glock 40 History

Gaston Glock, an expert in synthetic polymers, founded the company in 1963. His expertise in that line led him to create the world’s first successful line of pistols with nonmetal, polymer frames. Originally the company just produced steel and plastic parts. Glock didn’t even design his first firearm until after his 50th birthday. Given the success of his company, he makes a good case that it’s never too early to try something new. In that vein, why not take a look at all our tactical knives? Glock, the company, began U.S.-based operations in 1985. The company’s “plastic guns” were not initially well received. The Glock 40 contributes to this legacy, helping substantiate the company’s claim as the most popular line of pistols for law enforcement agencies in America.

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