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Glock 30 Specifications

The Glock 30 is a .45 ACP automatic pistol. It measures 6.93 inches from end to end and is 4.8 inches tall. The barrel is 1.27 inches wide and stretches 5.91 inches between the sights; it contributes 1.26 inches to the Glock 30’s height. The barrel has a right-hand, octagonal twist that’s 15.75 inches. Unloaded, a Glock 30 weighs 26.48 ounces. Fully loaded it is 33.86 ounces. The trigger travels .49 inches to fire and requires about 5.5 pounds of pressure. The standard magazine capacity is 10 but can be extended to 13.

Glock 30 History

When you buy a Glock 30, you’re also buying more than 50 years of service behind it. The company was founded by Austrian engineer Gaston Glock in 1963. The company originally produced steel and plastic parts, and Glock didn’t design his first firearm until after his 50th birthday. But what Glock lacked in ballistics experience, he made up for with his expertise in synthetic polymers, helping create the world’s first successful line of pistols with nonmetal, polymer frames. The company opened its first U.S. subsidiary in 1985, despite initial resistance to its “plastic guns.” The Glock 30 contributes to this legacy, helping substantiate the company’s claim as the most popular line of pistols for law enforcement agencies in America.

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If you’re in Texas and looking to add to your gun collection, shopping online for the Glock 30 series is a convenient option. These pistols are known for their compact size but powerful performance, making them ideal for concealed carry. When purchasing guns online, be sure to do your research on the retailer and make sure they are reputable and follow all necessary regulations. Also, familiarize yourself with state and federal laws regarding gun ownership and carrying a concealed weapon before making any purchases. With responsible ownership and informed shopping choices, enjoying firearms as a hobby or means of protection can be safe and enjoyable in Texas.

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